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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  September 19, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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delaware, temperatures in the 70s this afternoon. i'll go through the futurecast, hour by hour to show you when you can expect to see the heavy rain in your area. first, jessica boyington with first alert traffic. >> bill, already a few things to talk about early this morning. we're starting off on the schuylkill expressway. our camera is around grays ferry where we have an accident scene with one lane getting by on to the eastbound side. you can see the police activity on the scene. there are lanes compromised there. also into the right-hand shoulder. police activity on the scene as well. now to our breaking news of the morning, so far, the northeast corridor service from elizabeth, new jersey into new york city is currently suspended due to a bomb scare. that affects septa and amtrak. there will be attempts to cross-honor tickets this morning for new jersey transit buses and additional carriers as well. we'll have updates and more details on how to get yourself into new york. now more on that breaking news right now, train service on the northeast corridor is partially suspend because of an
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explosive device found at the elizabeth train station. >> this is now the third explessive investigation since saturday in north jersey and new york. nbc 10's matt delucia is live at the trenton train station where trains are running but, again, as jessica said, not all the way to new york. tell us what police are saying right now about that. >> right. the suspension is in both directions because of that police activity in elizabeth, which is about an hour north of where we are. now, the latest information that we have as of a couple of hours ago, new jersey bound amtrak trains are being held at new york penn station and new york bound amtrak trains are being held here in trenton. people reported being stuck on amtrak and new jersey transit trains for several hours last night. some trains even reversed course along the tracks to drop or passengers at other stations. now, amtrak said some 2,400 passengers had been affected and that trains were being brought in to other stations for people to take other forms of
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transportation. since those explosives were found in a trash can near the elizabeth train station, this happened around 8:30 last night, fears and concern are certainly high and here is the mayor of elizabeth, talking about the backpack that was found. >> there were multiple devices inside that backpack. one of those devices was being cut in order to disarm it. as you all heard the explosion occurred. the other devices, i don't know what the fbi and the state police are doing at this moment but they are trying to remove them. in a secure way, so they can preserve them for evidence. the one that exploded, they're now naturally going to check all of the area for any fragments that exist and then investigate those fragments as well. >> that wasn't a controlled explosion. >> that was not. that was not a controlled explosion. that occurred when they were cutting it in order to make it safe.ç
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>> now, we're also being told by our sources up in new york, our nbc sources that there were no injuries as a result of that ied explosion in elizabeth. that's the good news there. we have not seen a whole lot of increased security or patrols here at the trenton station so far this morning. as for your commute, the big news here, new jersey transit buses as jessica just mentioned, they are honoring the rail tick tets as an alternate means of transportation. the agency says to expect delays if you're heading out this morning. live in trenton, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> matt, thank you. the fbi confirmed that a traffic stop on the verrazano bridge is part of the investigation into the saturday night bombing in new york city. federal agents and new york police stopped a vehicle of interest on that bridge last night. >> investigators are questioning five people now. no one has been charged with a crime. now to the video of the explosion in lower manhattan.
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more than two dozen people were hurt in this explosion. bomb squad found and removed a second device several blocks away. sources said the same man was scene on surveillance video at both locations. also, old style flip phones were found at both locations. >> when you see the damage, we are lucky there were no fatalities at the time. >> investigators are trying to figure if the new york devices are linked to a pipe bomb explosion in a trash can in ocean county earlier that day. the device blew up just before a charity race for marines and sailors in seaside park. no one was hurt in that plog explosion. stay with nbc 10 for more, and the nbc 10 app. a tow truck driver is in custody after police say he tried to run away after a crash in west philadelphia. investigators say a white van was trying to turn from girard
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street on to 56th street when it was hit by the tow truck. the tow truck driver left the scene but another car followed it, cut it off and stopped the driver at the next block. three people in the van went to the hospital with minor injuries. a wounded police officer cowl be released from the hospital early this week after being shot eight times during a ram over the weekend. a gunman ambushed philadelphia police sergeant sylvia young in her patrol car friday night. she was one of six people shot in west philadelphia. she's up and talking. the university of pennsylvania officer eddie miller went home from the hospital yesterday after a visit from some philadelphia eagles. you see them there. but for the family of sara cilic, there's heart break. nicholas glenn shot her and her boyfriend as they sat in a car. >> we have somebody shot in the car. >> it's unbelievable.
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>> one of glenn's former friends told nbc 10 he saw warning signs saying the gunmen he told family members, he was going crazy. a rambling note left behind showed a hatred for police. officers shot and killed glenn when he fired at police following the rampage. 4:36 right now. 76 degrees outside. now to decision 2016. democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton will be in philadelphia to continue her push for pennsylvania. mrs. clinton will speak to millennials at temple university's mitton hall at noon. meantime, donald trump won a union endorsement in philadelphia. the city's fraternal order of police announced this weekend that it is supporting the republican presidential candidate. the philadelphia fop is following the lead of the national union which endorsed trump on friday. the group has not endorsed a democrat since bill clinton in 1996. happening today, the trial connected to the market street
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building collapse will begin in philadelphia. opening statements are scheduled to start later this morning. you may remember six people died in more than a dozen others were hurt in the collapse in 2013. lawsuits filed on behalf of the victims are targeting the developer and architect, contractors and the salvation army which ran a thrift shop out of the building. the construction contractor and excavator operator are both serving time in prison for manslaughter con vicks. tonight in philadelphia, civil rights icon and georgia congressman john lewis will receive the 2016 liberty medal at the national constitution center. the medal is awarded to those who strive to secure liberty for people around the world. lewis risked death and endured injury to help lead the march in 1965. lewis worked with the reverend dr. martin luther king jr. he also participated in peaceful protest that led to the passage of federal anti-discrimination
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laws. uncovering answers at the jersey shore. >> we now know what killed this 20-ton humpback while in sea isle city. ahead, hear why humans are to blame for the mammal's death. prime time showdown. tonight, carson wentz and the eagles take on the bears on "monday night football." ahead, hear from the team about that matchup. third president? male teacher: and the largest planet?
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with a check on the roads. starting out this morning on the vine street expressway. we're open this morning, not dealing with construction, closing it in both directions. typically that's what we deal with in the morning, east and westbound in between broad street and the schuylkill. you're good to go no alternates there. this is around grays ferry on the schuylkill expressway. several police cars on the scene. there's a few vehicles involved in this accident. one lane is getting through the
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area. you can see the westbound side unaffected by that at this time. again, the eastbound lanes, no big delays approaching the scene right now. that's because it's not even 5:00 yet. we're not seeing a lot of traffic heading out the door. a few cars and definitely police officers there that might slow you down when you move through. the northeast corridor service from elizabeth into new york is suspended this morning. we're having tickets cross-honored this morning. some attempts to still allow passengers to make their way from new york through elizabeth station by private carrier pass and new jersey transit buses. more details on this through the rest of the morning. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 19 minutes before 5:00. grab the umbrella. look at that, showers and thunderstorms, streaming through the lehigh valley. just moving into the suburbs as well. heavy downpours and look at the thunder and lightning, reading getting a thunderstorm right now and into lehigh county, some
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thunderstorm activity. the heavy downpours will be on and off this morning, spreading to the rest of the area, even into the pocono mountains this morning, heavy rainfall potential. a few scattered showers in south jersey but look to the south and you can see the storms that are moving through eastern maryland and heading toward delaware. we'll be moving into delaware and south jersey during the day today. we need the rain. we're going to get it. we will get some periods of heavy rainfall. hour by hour forecast shows at 11:00 this morning. look at those storms roll in. heavy downpours for delaware and into south jersey. still rain in the lehigh valley and the suburbs, will lighten up by then. moderate showers at the 11:00 hour in philadelphia. as we go into the afternoon, that system will slowly slide to the east. it will start drawing out in allentown. a potential for heavy downpours in southern delaware and steady rain at new jersey. that's at 4:00 in the afternoon. the evening hours, the clouds will linger and a chance of
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showers even overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning at the shore and for the delaware beaches. the forecast is calling for temperatures to be stuck in the 70s with showers and a potential for thunderstorms. could see heavy downpours during the day. that will happen this morning in the suburbs and then it will slowly ease out much theç lehi valley after storms this morning, scattered showers this afternoon. for delaware, clouds in place, the storms on the way. and the chance of showers and thunderstorms into the 11:00 hour. even some showers in the 3:00 this afternoon. and some heavier rainfall in store for new jersey and the shore with temperatures in the 70s during the day today. take a lack at how much mowian expect when i come back with the extended weather. >> 4:43. true or false? it's okay to drive through a red light. >> believe it or not, it is legal to drive through a red light in the state of pennsylvania but only in certain situations. ahead, find out about a red light law now in effect. also, making a statement. the eagles are looking for a win
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to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. 4:46. we continue to follow breaking news out of north jersey. amtrak and nj transit service partially shut down because several explosive devices found in a trash can at the train station in elizabeth. the mayor of elizabeth said one of several devices inside a backpack exploded while a robot was trying to disarm it. no one was hurt. the discovery follows bomb blasts in new york city and ocean county on saturday. nbc 10's matt delucia is on top of this story. his nextç live report comes yo way in about 15 minutes. now to the eagles and head coach doug pederson says he will join his players if they demonstrate during the game tonight in chicago. >> that could be a linking of arms to raise awareness about
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social injustice in america. the eagles face their first road test of the season in prime time. carson wentz will try to duplicate his debut as he did last week. csn's john clark asked the tight end about how the birds will make up for the loss. >> me and trey have to step up at the tight end position, play a little bit better. i think all around the field we have to make plays. help carson any way we can. >> the trey he's talking about is tight end trey burton who's expected to see more playing time. kickoff tonight at soldier field is at 8:30. stay with nbc 10, your official eagles station for the complete coverage of tonight's game. and from our jersey shore bureau, we now know why a humpback whale washed up dead in sea isle city on friday.
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the young whale was entangled into a fishing line. it washed ashore near 20th street. crews buried it on saturday. 4:48. warnings signs are up on beaches in central florida after three shark attacks there. officials say all the shark bites happened in the same area north of new smyrna beach jetty. all are expected to be okay. the cease-fire in syria's civil war appears to be failing. with a new series of attacks on alep aleppo. the latest warfare followed a deadly u.s.-led air strike on syrian forces. australia is the latest country to express regret for the raid that killed dozens of syrian troops. the u.s. military said it may
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have struck the troops by mistake while going after isis. ♪ all right. a musical ending to the 2016 paralympics in rio. it featured performances and fireworks displays. china won 127 goals and 239 medals overall. the usa came in fourth with 40 golds and 115 overall. near the end of the ceremony, the paralympic flag was passed to the governor of tokyo who represented japan, the next country to host the paralympic games. take a look at this car that ended up on top of a car in china. the driver tried to back up going uphill. but the car went too fast, went over that wall and ended up on the roof. a crane removed the car from the roof. we're watching a problem on the schuylkill expressway this morning. >> where exactly is this at on
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the schuylkill? >> around the university avenue, grays ferry area. chuylkill expressway, as you can see right here. a few cop cars on the scene. penndot is there for an accident involving, at least two vehicles i counted earlier. we're approaching the 5:00 hour. that's not typically an hour where we're seeing a lot of volume on the schuylkill expressway at this time. starting to back up there anyway. that eastbound side at a complete standstill right now. westbound side unaffected by the accident scene. a car or two moving through. all traffic is being blocked off on the eastbound side through university avenue. also paying attention to the northeast corridor, service is suspended for septa and amtrak due to a bomb square around the elizabeth area in new jersey. they will be cross-honoring tickets to private carriers, and new jersey transit buses. expect massive delays and
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overcrowding on the buses and private carriers that you will be taking to get yourself up to new york. more updates on this and the schuylkill when i come back. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> nine minutes before 5:00. heading out right now, you may want to spend some time looking for your umbrella. there's periods of heavy rain during the day. we'll be seeing scattered showers into this evening. get your wet weather gear ready. just some clouds and scattered showers so far in new jersey. but look off to the north and west. you can see the heavy rain and thunderstorm activity that's in the lehigh valley and berks county, reading getting heavy downpours. into the lehigh valley, some light to moderate showers, heavy downpours and thunder and lightning. and to the south, well, there is more on the way. these showers and thunderstorms are headed towards delaware this morning. and eventually south jersey as well. stand by for some rainfall.
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we need the rainfall and there's a potential for some heavy rain by noontime. we cowl be closing in on half an inch in philadelphia. just over half an inch in burlington, new jersey. that won't be the end of the rain through the afternoon and into the evening hours. more showers and thunderstorms close to an inch of rainfall in philadelphia. parts of new jersey could see an inch plus of rainfall and the rain will be approaching an inch in wilmington and even late this evening, 11:00 we'll still be seeing showers and possibly into tomorrow as well. we need the rainfall. we get it today. a rainy monday. 77 degrees, the high temperature. tomorrow, clouds are lingering, still some showers at the shore. most of the rest of the area will be drying out. here comes the sunshine for wednesday. we should see some breaks of sunshine tomorrow. more sunshine an a warmer day wednesday, into the middle 80s. summer-like temperatures for the final full day of summer, wednesday, and then on thursday, well, we will see 86 degrees,
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the high temperature with 87 on friday. and into the 80s for the end of the week. on sunday, cool, autumn-like weather arrives. it will be autumn, our first weekend of autumn will feel like it on sunday and into monday. pretty nice on tuesday, though there's a chance we'll get showers coming through tuesday, drying out on wednesday. >> the world's largest tidal bore attracted thousands to a riverbank in china yesterday. a tidal bore is created when an ocean tide forms a wave ofç war that goes up a river against a current. about 100,000 people came to watch the natural phenomenon. made more powerful by the moon's pull this time of year. the tidal bore was even higher because of two recent typhoons. across the country, there are a lot of laws to keep kids safe in the car. >> but new numbers are out on child deaths in car accidents and safety officials say they
4:54 am
can't explain them. all new on "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00, we'll tell you what the officials are saying about the stats on a week we are supposed to celebrate progress. red light law. we'll break down a new traffic law that lets drivers go through red lights across the state of pennsylvania. be sure to vote for this week's high school football game of the week. your choices are cb south at souderton, wc henderson at bishop shanahan or prendie at cardinal o'hara. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington watching problems already at this early time this morning on the schuylkill expressway. all lanes right now blocked with an accident scene right around university avenue. now you can see police activity there on the scene, blocking all that eastbound traffic. no lanes are getting by. i see some people out walking around. a few cop cars there. we just actually saw somebody
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leave the scene there asç well. so the one lane that was getting by earlier is now blocked off. we're moving the camera around maybe to see some of the delays. we'll keep an eye on this for you. we'll come back to it in the 5:00 hour. >> jessica, thanks. this morning if you're driving in pennsylvania you can legally go through a red light in certain situations. a new state law that went into effect yesterday allows drivers to go through a red light when the sensor on the light signal appears to be flickering or is broken. the new law does not specify how long a driver has to wait at a red light before going through it. the lawmaker who introduced that legislation originally said drivers must come to a complete stop then proceed with caution before deciding to good on red. gas prices across the south are on the rise because of the gas pipeline leak. the governors of five states declared emergencies because of shortages. some stations are completely out of gas there. others are raising prices drastically. the pipeline supplies 40% of the
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fuel to the east coast. here in our area prices are steady. the philly region, a gallon of gas costs regular $2.29 in south jersey, the price is $1.93 and in delaware, drivers are spending $2.14. thousands of runners laced up their shoes for a musical half marathon through the streets of philadelphia. this is always fun. the annual rock 'n' roll half marathon started yesterday. the revamped course includes fair monday the avenue. in rock 'n' roll fashion, live bands joined them along the race route to cheer on the runners. the temple of the latter-day saints is dedicated. a choir sang yesterday. church leaders and members gathered outside forever the traditional corner stone
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ceremony. church leaders placed mortar to secure the temple's corner stone. temple on vine street in center city is the first mormon temple in pennsylvania. more of the stories we're following right now on nbc 10 news at 5:00 a.m. >> explosive devices found. right now on nbc 10 news, part of nj transit is shut down after police say they found pipe bombser in a train station and one of the devices exploded. >> this all comes after an explosion rocked a neighborhood in new york city over the weekend and hurt dozens. we'll tell you about the possible connections and who the fbi is questioning. here at home, we're learning new details about a shooting rampage in west philadelphia. we'll have an update on the officer shot multiple times in the attack and the man accused of the ambush. nbc 10 news starts now. >> just about 5:00 a.m.
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good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news today," this monday morning. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm pamela osborne. right now, let's begin with meteorologist bill henley with the nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. bill? >> i'm tracking showers and thunderstorms this morning. so far it's dry in wilmington, philadelphia and trenton. scattered showers in new jersey. look at the heavy downpours in berks county especially. that's thunderstorm activity moving into the lehigh valley as well for allentown and northampton çcounties. and to the south, here comes more wet weather, more thunderstorms, active storms that are heading towards northern kent county in delaware and southern delaware as well. we need the rainfall. we'll get it today. right now, 76 degrees, a muggy start in philadelphia. and the suburbs, new jersey is at 74. we're watching the rain showers now in easton. that's kind of a dreary view. showers and occasional thunderstorms this morning should be tapering off in the lehigh valley this afternoon. but different story for delaware. those heavy downpours are possible even during the


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